Sunday, 16 June 2019

Austrian Sachsen-Gotha Dragoons

Another unit of the new dragoons completed - this time with a little modification.

With arm from cuirassier mould

As mentioned my previous post I am not all that keen on the pose with the sword low down alongside the horse (see below). For this unit I have the sword on the shoulder, using the arm from the cuirassiers. The arm is a little on the large size, but not really noticeable, it also requires a bit of work modifying  the cuff, as the cuirassier has heavy gloves and the dragoon are bare handed.

With arm from dragoon mould
I think I prefer the sword on the shoulder - any thoughts?


  1. Yes the sword on the shoulder looks better I think , nice figures though .

  2. Agreed, sword on shoulder. Very pretty figures by the way.

    Best Regards,


  3. Shoulder looks much better. More uniform and military.

  4. The sword raised high to the front would be fine if the horses were moving a little faster. O/w at the shoulder seems best.

  5. Nice work Steve. Agreed about the poses, the shouldered look is a lot better.