Sunday, 2 June 2019

Prussian Hussars No.8

I have also had a play, and made a unit based on Prussian Hussar regiment No 8 using the Rossbach moulds.

In the past I have not used these moulds due to the lack of a trumpeter and carbine, however I decided  to buy a pair (in the recent half price sale) to give them a go and add the missing parts from SYW cuirassiers. I cut a bit off of the end of the cuirassiers carbine - but I think it is still a bit too long.

I also made a trumpeter - this was a bit more radical -  I cut/filed off the whole of the arm from the hussar with the raised sword, then glued on a cuirassier trumpet arm (after filing off the swallows nests). The arm is actually on the large size, but close enough.

I suspect there will be a deaf horse if he blows the trumpet, however I tried raising it but it ended poking him in the eye - which looked worse.