Thursday 21 September 2023

Prince August Catalogue & Progress

Prince August have recently released their updated catalogue, with the 40mm SYW range being featured on the front cover.. The pdf can be downloaded from their website, but be warned it is a hefty 318MB.

For those of you collecting the SYW range there are a couple of useful pages showing the full range of figures in the moulds - I think after all these years PA are getting there - still a few gaps but full armies can now be collected - with a little help from the Karoliner and Rossbach ranges.

It can be seen that there is now a pretty extensive range, however in my opinion it contains a few scaling issues, which I deal with as follows:
  • I feel the Austrian cuirassiers are way too large, so I don't use them, instead I use converted Karoliner figures.
  • The dragoon heads are small, so again I avoid using them - they are easily replaced by 'officer' heads from the infantry, the Russian officer being one of the best (that is what is on catalogue front cover).
  • The French figures are just a bit on the large size (particularly the heads) - I think they look better when used with Russian heads which have similar hair and tricorne.
  • Similarly the artillery crews are a bit large, so again I use the appropriate infantry heads where possible.
All of the 'offending' figures were sculpted digitally, the French and gunners are probably just me being picky so not an issue and easily solved with a head swap, However the cuirassiers and some of the dragoon heads are unique, so could perhaps PA could be persuaded to reprint if enough people commented?

There are a few gaps in the range, which hopefully PA will address, the most obvious ones being:
  • British infantry - the highlander are sculpted (see above), and hopefully the 'hatmen' will follow in the not too distant future?
  • Prussian cuirassier (I have used converted Rossbach figures).
  • Gunners in coats (it was my idea to have the in shirtsleeves)
  • Russian cavalry (belts outside coat) - not sure if there would be market for these, Karoliners with head swaps do the job fine????

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Miniature Wargames - Issue 486

Just in case any of you are interested - I have an article (8 pages) in Miniature Wargames Issue 486.

It is a potted history of how I got into playing with the 40mm semi-flats and then working with Prince August on the SYW range; really just a summary of what has been written on this blog over the last 9 years. There are a few typos and wrongly labelled photos, but other than that I think MW have done a good job of showing the range to the wider wargaming readership.