Monday 31 December 2018

Austrian "3pdr" - and best wishes for the New Year.

Nothing much has been happening on the 40mm SYW front over the last few months. I am told the plan is to release the dragoons early next year - fingers crossed.

I have however, as suggested in my post back in March (was it really that long ago) had a play at making an Austrian 3pdr battalion gun using the following components:

  • Wheels from new SYW range
  • Barrel from the Karoliner 6pdr
  • Carriage from the Rossbach 12pdr

I then made the following minor modifications:

  • Added a cross piece in the trail - not quite correct but looks better.
  • Drilled out the holes at the rear of the carriage, which made it look much neater,
  • I originally assembled the wheels on the carriage as cast - but they looked too wide. To correct this I narrowed the solid/rectangular axle by about 2mm and then attached the wheels by drilling out 1.5mm holes, and inserting new axles made from the pegs of spare heads.
  • Drilled out the end of the barrel.

As discussed in the earlier post, the dimensions are not quite right - however I am happy with the result and will be rearming my Austrians with them (when I start working on them again).

Best wishes to you all for the New Year.