Monday 19 February 2018

Just to let you know we are still here!


Just a quick line to let you know that things are still moving along - slowly (these are not Prince August's top priority - but they are still progressing).

Cuirassier officer - work in progress

Next up are the cavalry, both cuirassiers and dragoons, which are almost done. Currently we are struggling trying to figure out how to cut them up to allow interchangeability of riders and horses etc, and it looks as if the parts will be:

  • Horse
  • 4 torsos - trooper, officer, standard and musician
  • Arms (right)  for above
  • Heads

The tricky bit is trying to figure out how to have interchangeable torsos on a semi flats, the traditional legs either side the horse will not work. I think we have it and I will hopefully post something in next week or so.

How are your projects coming along?

It would be nice to have some feedback on how your 40mm projects are coming along (mine has stalled waiting for the cavalry).

If you have any photos of your projects I can upload it would be appreciated, or alternatively links to your sites?