Sunday 31 March 2019

Freikorps von Kleist

Prussian Light Troops

I decided to make some light troops for a project I am planning. Hopefully PA will bring out some dedicated moulds in the near future, however in the meantime I had a play with what I currently have available.

The bodies for the troops are the Hungarian infantry, with a few changes:

  • Mirliton heads have been used on the NCO and rank and file. These were kindly donated by Aly Morrison (see post 20 March 2017), hopefully something similar will be made available by PA in the not too distant future? (Kronoskaf states that a tricorns was also worn.)
  • The tricorns for the officers and drummer are from the Prussian guard infantry (rank ans file), I chose this as it has the scalloped edge - I cut the mustache off using a sharp knife.
  • The NCO has a musket from the Russian officer.
I appreciate the lace is all wrong, however they do what I always wanted from this range - look the part even if not 100% correct.

The figures are singly based as I am planning to use thenm with the recently published 'A Gentleman's War' rules.

Next up some Austrian Light troops. I fancy painting up 'Grun Loudon'............what figures to use???