Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Prussian Garrison Infantry

I must confess that I don't like painting Prussians, there is something about painting Red and Dark Prussian Blue that I really can't get on with. The way I see it is that painting Prussians is one of those tasks that you have to do to be a SYW gamer.

So with some resignation, after having had fun painting the colourful and elite Saxon Leibgrenadier battalion, I decided to paint a battalion of Prussian garrison troops,

I decided to pick one of the units which saw some active service, so went for the XI regiment which was at Gross-Jagersdorf.

And also had pink cuffs to add a little colour.

Garrison troops were dressed similar to the musketeers, but probably did not carry a sword, and were generally not as well equiped as the line troops. I contemplated using the Austrian bodies which did not carry a sword, and only had one bag; however in the end I played safe and used the Prussian marching figure. I did cut/file off the sword, which wasn't too difficult, but I suspect if I had just painted the scabbard black it would not have been noticed

Below are some photos of the finished unit - unfortunately my gaming table is full of junk from decorating the kitchen, so no green table or houses - just my desk and a book cover.

Progress Update

The Hungarian infantry the way and should be out very soon, I think they are just finishing the packaging.

The Russian sculpting is also underway, I have seen some of the part finished greens, the first troops are infantry in summer dress - just in waistcoats. There is also an officer in a new pose with a separate musket - not quite finished but looks very nice. (With a change of head and a little work I think he would make a nice Austrian grenadier officer?)

As always comments welcome.


  1. Its easy to avoid painting Prussians, do the Western Theatre and paint French and Anglo-Hanoverians! But the new fellows look good anyway.

    I like the new officer in preparation.

    1. I have lots of Karoliner French - some almost straight out of the can! Russians in summer uniform next, they should be good to paint.

  2. There was also the first Peninsular War between a small Anglo-Portuguese army, actively supported by guerillas, and larger Franco-Spanish forces.

    The Garrison troops turned out well.

    It is good to see the Russians moving along. It looks like the officer will take the Hungarian's sword hand if desired.

    I don't see his sash in the photos. Is it on the figure?

  3. The officer's sash should not really be noticeable, but should perhaps show below the sword hilt?

    The officer should be able to carry a sword or pole arm as in the Hungarians. Not sure what the plan for the moulds is yet.

  4. I was expecting something similar to the sash on the Prussian officer.

    1. From all the illustrations line officers I have seen the Russian sash was (if worn at all) part hidden behind the the belt and cartridge box, with the knot hidden under the coat. All that is really visible is the end hanging below the sword hilt.