Friday, 14 November 2014

Hungarians Released

For any of you who are not on the PA mailing list I thought I would let you know that the three Hungarian molds are now available - so something for your Christmas list?

Below are some photos of Richard Hattersley's figures which he has done for the packaging - he could have gone for a brighter blue!


  1. Thank you for the alert. I have placed my order.

    While doing so I noticed that the previously released molds are now available as a bundle.

  2. Ps lovely painting by Richard, almost enough to make me want to try going back to shading, etc but I know better.

    I see what you mean about the blue though I have seen WAS Hungarians portrayed in deeper blues than were worn in later times and in any case its a colour I would have chosen myself.

    1. Richard is one of my regular opponents and is not bad with the paint brush. However we have an agreement that when painting up units he refrain from showing off with too much shading and keeping things simple to match the bulk of the troops which I paint.

      My troops are IR 32 which were light blue and his IR 52 in dark blue, but did lighten up later in the war.

  3. Thanks for the update, they look really nice

  4. They look quite nice, don't they ? Blue can be a surprisingly touchy color, seems to be a thin line between too dark and too light or bright.. And in my experience, the camera can over-accentuate (in either way) what looked just right at the painting table.


  5. My Hungarian molds arrived last weekend and the holiday allowed me the time to try them out. These molds produce complete, detailed castings without a struggle. No venting was needed. I did experience some small bits of flash around the bayonet of the advancing man from time-to-time but that is about the only problem thus far.

    Everything fits where it is supposed to. The bearskins fit the earlier German Austrians and the Prussian command figures and the pole arms are swappable between NCOs. Swapping the Officers' swords is going to take some work as the method of attachment is completely different. The Hungarian piece is just the hand and sword so you will have to create a cuff if you want to use it with the Prussian Officer.

    As before, you get assembly and painting instructions, this time for regiments 31 and 51. The Officer/Color-Bearer mold includes a sheet of 15 black-and-white flag drawings. There is one new item. Four 80mm long brass rods are included to use as flag staffs. These seem to be the pikes from the Karoliner pikemen molds repurposed. I wonder if these will also be added to the Prussian mold?

    The alignment of the holes for the staff is much better than on the Prussian figure. The shoulder strap for the staff socket has been fashioned as a groove between the hands and socket and the arrangement works very well.

    I was surprised to find the flag-sheet and the four staffs (pikes) in the NCO/Drummer mold. Either a one-off error was made or the assembly department has incorrect packing instructions.

    The new figures are a match in size and thickness to those that have been released previously.

    1. Thanks for the review, I think that now we have the bearskins in the Hungarians the full flexibility of the range is starting to become more evident.

      PA do seem to have some packaging issues, there should now be flag poles in with the Prussian standard bearer, if you receive packaging without let them know and they should send them.

      We decided to change the method of attachment on the swords etc to just a hand so that there was no problem with the wrong cuffs. With a bit of work one of the NCO's halberds will also file down to make a pole arm for the officer.

      If you have any photos of finished units it would be good to see something other than what I am doing?

    2. Rahway

      Your comments/reviews are always very useful, have you considered loading them onto the PA site as feedback against the individual figures - it will all help make the range more popular.

  6. Also received the new molds and the subsequent casting has been the easiest of any the molds I've used from Prince August.

    Anybody using the Rossbach molds for their cavalry? I was wondering how they fit in. With all this great infantry, we desperately need cavalrymen to match!

    1. The Garde du Corps are thicker than the older PA cavalry and have a wider tricorne so they look more like the new style than most of the available cavalry. The sculpture could be improved upon. They are also missing a trumpeter. I recall the molds as being more difficult to work with than the Karoliner cavalry.

      The main drawback of the Hussars is the poses. Most seem to be specifically made to fight infantry.

      Both groups can serve adequately, but both can be improved upon.

    2. There should be some cavalry in the near future, the (current) release order is Russian infantry (which are part sculpted), and then some cuirassiers.

      I have not seen any sculpting yet so I cannot say what they will look like.For anyone in a hurry, the new heads should fit quite well on the Karoliner 931,932 & 933, but I am waiting for the new range.