Monday, 20 October 2014

The Hungarians are coming

The Hungarians are sculpted and the moulds ready, release is delayed for a few weeks waiting for the packaging to be finalised - but they are close.

Below are the mould diagrams so you can see how they are laid out.

Mould 3106 - Hungarian Officer and Standard Bearer

1. Officer's body

2. Officer's sword

3. Standard bearer's  body

4. Officer's head in tricorn with moustache (x2)

Mould 3107 - Hungarian NCO and Drummer

1. NCO's body.

2. NCO's pole arm (halberd)*

3. Drummer's body.

4. Fusilier's head in tricorn with pompom, hair in plaits and mustache (x2).

5. Grenadier's head in bearskin with cap plate.

* The halberd can be filed down to make a quite reasonable partizan for the officer (see
post 10 September).

Mould 3108 - Infantry Advancing and March Attack


1. Infantry march attack body.

2. Arm and musket for march attack.

3. Grenadier bearskin  plain/grenade

4. Infantry advancing body

5. Grenadier head, with cap plate.

6. Fusilier's head in tricorn

(It might have been better with two tricorns in 3108 and the two grenadiers in 3107, however there are plenty of tricorns spread about so this should not be a problem).

As always feedback welcome.


  1. Should be just in time for some serious casting before the snows fly.

  2. It is good to see them coming along.

    The explanation of 3108 needs a little clarification. The note says (x2) for the tri8corne head but the drawing and additional comments describe one tricorne head. I agree with your observation about the head distribution since the majority of the infantry will have tricornes. It does encourage the purchase of all the molds since unit building will go faster if 3108 is set-up to use as a head mold when casting troops with 3197.

    How goes the cavalry experiment?

    1. Well spotted, there is only one fusilier tricorn, (sloppy cutting and pasting text) I have corrected.

      I have not had any news on the cavalry, the decision was taken to do the Russians first - I will post information as/when I get it.