Saturday, 13 December 2014

Russian Infantry Update

Progress and Plans

Sorry the blog has been quiet for a while, a combination of a busy time at work, a quiet spell on figure production..........and us having a new puppy!

I had a long chat with Chris Tubb (the sculptor) a few days ago to discuss the plans for the Russians, and also the range as a whole. He confirmed that Prince August are committed to the range, however production of new moulds will probably continue to be relatively slow, as this is just one of many projects he is working on. The intention is to get the Prussians, Austrians and Russians finished (infantry, cavalry, lights and  artillery), and then move on to the British and French, provided the demand is still there.

Russian Infantry

Next up will be the Russian infantry, these were discussed back in April (no point rushing - these are 'Old School' after all), and the proposed four moulds below hopefully cover many of the things we discussed back then. 

The plan is for all of the bodies to be musketeers (the grenadiers should have a belt pouch, however this is barely visible on the figures so not worth additional moulds - it can be stuck on or painted if necessary). Similarly it is not currently planned to produce any Observation Corps figures, By concentrating on the musketeers we can provide bodies for advancing and march attack in both summer and winter/parade uniforms. There will also be some new command figures in poses similar to those in the Hungarians, these can (with a bit of work) be used to add variety in the Prussians and Austrians.The provisional listing (it depends what will fit in the moulds) is:

3109 – Russian  officers in winter/parade uniform

  • Officer in winter uniform, pose similar to Hungarian NCO
  • Standard bearer in winter uniform, as an officer similar to Hungarian (as with the Hungarian, standards were probably carried by an NCO, but the officer is added for variety - the Prussian can be used if an NCO is wanted)
  • Officer’s head - tricorn, curls, clean shaven.
  • Guards’ grenadier/leib company head - grenadier with feathers
  • Musket for officer
  • Sword for officer (if space) 

3110 – Russian drummer and NCO

  • Drummer in summer uniform (can use Prussian for winter)
  • NCO, pose similar to Hungarian to carry a pole arm or musket
  •  Musketeer’s head - tricorn with bow , straight hair,  clean shaven
  •  Grenadier’s head – helmet, straight hair & moustache
  •  Partisan for NCO (I know they generally carried muskets, but it seems a waste to add another musket, as there is already one with the officer, so use this for parade/guards).        

3111 – Russian  musketeers/grenadiers in summer uniform
  • Rank & file body (summer uniform) - advancing
  • Rank & file body (summer uniform ) – marching
  • Arm for march attack with and musket
  • 2 x Musketeer’s head - tricorn with bow , straight hair (campaign),  clean shaven
  • Grenadier’s head – helmet, straight hair & moustache 

3112 – Russian  musketeers/grenadiers in winter/parade uniform

  • Rank & file body in winter uniform advancing
  • Rank & file body in winter uniform marching, this could be in a more upright 'parade' pose..... but will it look OK with the more active command?)
  • Arm for march attack with and musket
  • 2x Musketeer’s head - tricorn with bow , curls,  clean shaven
  • Grenadier’s head – helmet, curls & moustache

Progress so far

Below are the greens for the first 3 figures. The officer looks fine, but the waistcoat on the drummer and infantryman is a bit too long, so will be shortened.

Once the Russians infantry are done - Austrian cuirassiers!

As always comments welcome.

One point I really would like feedback on is the plan to have the march attack figure in winter uniform in a more upright pose - would it look OK with the more active command figures?


  1. The Russians look good thus far. I for one would prefer a more upright advancing figure even if the command are more aggressive but have no idea if others would.

    I am quite curious about how well the range will sell given how many molds there will be and how long the gap between first releases and being able to gather a usable army of horse, foot and guns. Hopefully home casters are patient.

    It was a near run thing but I decided to pass on the Hungarians for now and ordered Austrians and more Prussuan command for now.

  2. Ross

    It is the march attach figure in winter/parade uniform which I was suggesting we make more upright - I think it is worth asking PA to give it a go.

    There are currently 8 moulds out, so with the Russians it will have made 12 in a about year, which is not actually bad. Once the Russian infantry are done it will be time to start on the other troops, first some 'Austrian' cuirassier, which should start adding a bit of variety to the solid base of close order infantry.


  3. I am glad that PA is committed to the SYW range as my concern was that they might lose interest after a period and we would be left hanging (sort of like the 1/72 plastic figure boxes that would start but never finish a range).

    The Russians look fine and will be a different type of uniform on the wargame table which is good. One question. Shouldn't the weapon preference for the officer be the sword over the musket? Or was that just to add variety? It seems odd for an officer, especially in the Russian army, to be carrying a musket.

    And, as always, bring on the cavalry! Thanks for the update!

  4. Steven

    Plates in Blandford and G&B both show officers with muskets, and Osprey has a guard officer carrying a musket, so I think it is the correct choice. Also we have been trying to squeeze a musket into the moulds which can be used on the NCOs and officers in the Austrian and Hungarian grenadier units. (It is a real problem fitting in all the bits!)

    We will try and fit a sword in (perhaps drop the pole arm?), but the one from the Hungarian should also fit.

    Thanks for the comments.


  5. The above arrangements should cover the Russian infantry quite well. The officer looks like he will take the Hungarian sword.

    Since the "upright" pose is for parades I don't think it has to match the posses of the troops that will be on the battlefield. During the SYW he Russians seem to have gone into winter quarters well before the cold weather set in.

    You might even consider having the hand, rather than the arm, carry the musket to add variety and make it even more of a formal parade pose.

  6. Only the rank and file will be upright, so the leaning forward officers etc might look a bit odd?

  7. Really glad to see things ticking along. Which line of figures (home cast or otherwise) do you thing go together well with this line? I'm looking at getting some cavalry and canons to tide me over until the release of the new PA products. Do the Rossbach models mix well? How about Mathias Manske and Meisterzinn? Do the PA french cavalry work well as troops for Prussia and Austria?

    1. I don't think it will be too long before the new cavalry are done. The Russian infantry are due late Jan/Feb, and next the Austrian Cuirassiers.

      The best fit from the existing range are probably K- 931, 932 & 933, and if you are handy with a drill they should take head swaps, however I would wait for the new ones which will have interchangeable parts (I think).

      The 3pdr cannon K-951 is quite a nice model, but there are nor yet any suitable crew with turn backs.

      What is it you are actually looking for, and when by?

    2. I forgot the last bit about the suitability of the current range.

      The current PA cavalry are actually just rebadged Karoliners (Swedes), and have the waist belt on the outside of their coats so are not suitable for the Prussians or Austrians (or French!) during the SYW. The Russians still wore belts on the outside so they are not too bad for those - I would still wait if you can.

  8. Thanks, I'm new to the period. I was big into WSS for a long time. I don't need anything in a hurry as such, I'm just really jazzed about the line. I started last week with the first three Prussian molds. Last time I cast was twenty years ago with some PA fantasy stuff. I LOVE these molds and the wonderful look of the semi round figures. I also intend to use these for Maurice and Field of Battle. I'm just really keen to have all the molds and start cranking out forces. I suppose I should just throttle back, use my pile of casting metal and get to painting what I have. Thanks for all your work in directing this project to be wargame user focused and your status updates. When I first saw these molds, I balked, since I did not have much faith they would have a line to support them. You've really helped to inspire me to work in 40mm and with PA molds and I'm having a wonderful time doing so. Thanks.