Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hungarian Infantry Update

I've been off on my holidays in 'sunny' northern England for the last week or so - which is my excuse for the long quiet spell.

Chris (Chris Tubb the sculptor) has sent me the photos of the greens for the Hungarian infantry, and I should get my grubby hands on the test moulds later this week.

I posted some photos of the officer and NCO back in May/June, now I can show you the rest. As usual they all can take separate heads so there will be fusilier and grenadier options.


The officer is in a different pose to that in the Prussian 3101/1.     

In the new pose the right arm has been lowered to accept a separate pole arm or musket as an alternative to the sword shown.

Standard Bearer

The standard bearer is in the same pose as the Prussian 3101/4.

In the Austro/Hungarian army the standard could be carried by either an officer or NCO.

In action.with the NCO more likely to carry the standard; however we decided to go with an officer with an open coat to provide more variation in the range. (With a bit of conversion work he could provide an alternative standard bearer for other nationalities)


The NCO is another new pose and has been discussed before.

The right hand can carry a variety of weapons such as the pole arm shown, or a musket.


The drummer is in the same pose as 3102/4, but with the distinctive Hungarian uniform

Infantry March Attack

The same pose as 3104/4 & 3105/2, but in the distinctive Hungarian kit.

This is shown with the grenadier head, it could also be assembled as the fusilier option.

Infantry Advancing

And finally the old faithful advancing pose as 3103/1 and 3105/1 but in Hungarian kit.

A rear view (an earlier photo before the shoe laces), with the Austrian type kit, but with the sword as carried by all Hungarians.

I'm not sure when these will be released, hopefully not too long.

Next up are some cuirassier cavalry.
(Update 28/08/14), it looks like the cavalry are being delayed and the Russians infantry are next up.

As always please let me have your thoughts.


  1. I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

    The new masters look very consistent with what has ben released thus far. They will make colorful additions to the Austrian forces.

    Is it just the photo or is the top hand of the color bearer not aligned with the lower hand? When you get the test molds I will be interested in knowing how this one compares with the alignment on the Prussian figure.

    What is the planned head distribution in each mold? I would think that at least one Grenadier head should be in each.

    1. We are sticking with the 'standard' leg and rank and file poses throughout, with a bit of variation in the officers and NCOs - I hope it is the right decision?

      I will send a mail to the sculptor to look at the hand - it does look a bit out of line.

      Fitting the heads in is often down to the mould maker to see what he can squeeze in, the planned head distribution is as follows (see how close we can get):

      Rank and File - Two fusiliers in tricorn plus a grenadier bearskin without any plate, both have hair in plaits and a moustache, It is difficult to fit in more than 3 heads with the separate musket for the march attack.

      NCO & Drummer - a fusilier and a grenadier with a front plate, plus a 'halberd'

      Officer and Standard Bearer - A single officer head in tricorn, the remaining space taken up by a pole arm and possibly a finial for the standards.

      We are finding with two figures in the mould fitting the heads and weapons is trick, as all the moulds have to stand alone.

      If there is any space left over there is a grenadier head with a grenade on front - we will see?