Saturday, 6 September 2014

Saxons - I fancied painting something Red!

Saxon Leibgrenadiergarde

As a break from Prussian blue and Austrian white I decided to paint something in red, both because red always looks good, and I have an opponent who I am trying to tempt into painting a British army. (Also - I really do not like painting Prussians, I have never mastered painting the red and the blue - just too much like hard work)

We already have a few battalions of white coated Saxons (Karoliners), so I opted for the Saxon Leibgrenadiergarde regiment - no point in messing about is there!

There are no figures for this, so it was a matter of getting as close as possible.


The big decision was what body to use, Prussian or Austrian?

After reading all the material I had at hand, plus the compulsory visit to the Project SYW website, I came to the conclusion that the Saxons fell somewhere between the two:

  • They carried a sword - Prussian
  • Probably did not carry a bread bag - Austrian,
  • Water bottle rectangular - Prussian
  • Cuffs not particularly deep - Prussian

So on a 3:1 vote I went for the Prussian bodies. (I was initially tempted to go for the Austrian and add a sword, but then I decided that doing a lot of conversion work on the figures is not what we are aiming for with this range)

(When the Russians come out there will be figures with a sword and no baggage which would possibly fit the bill better),


The rank and file wore Prussian style grenadier mitres, so that was an easy choice.

The officers and NCOs wore tricorns with cockade, the shape looks more Austrian in style, so the Austrian officer head, with a mustache painted on the NCO (the Hungarian officer head has a mustache, so will be bang on when released, but that really is getting picky).


For the units in these new PA figures I have been using printed flag from Maverick Models.

Unfortunately the website does not list the Leibgrenadier flag, presumably as information is lacking. However Pengal and Hurt suggests that both the leibfahne and ordinarfahne were of the leibfahne style, with the former in white and the latter in yellow.

Stuart at Maverick Models very kindly modified his Saxon infantry leibfahne to give what we thought best fit the description. The one used on the unit is the white leibfahne which I put in the first battalion (silver grenadier front plates). I have a yellow version for use when/if I get the second battalion (brass front plates) painted; it is cast & primed...........but I now have some Hungarians to paint!

 I think they turned out OK, and show what we are trying to do with this range.


I had a chat with Chris (the sculptor) on Thursday, the Hungarians have gone to the factory and should be out end of October????  I have the test moulds, and have cast, assembled and primed an advancing unit ready to paint, so here's a preview. (These figures do not have a pom-pom, this has been added for the production moulds.

There is also a march attach figure which is not shown, and there are grenadier heads as well. We are not sure what will be in each mould yet, I hope to an update in a week or so

Advancing Hungarian fusiliers

Hungarian NCO, drummer, officer and standard bearer
(The officer pole arm is filed down from the halberd)


There will probably also be an 'Accessories' mould, he is seeing what will fit in.

As usual - comments on the range would be appreciated.


  1. Nice unit of Saxony Leib-Gren-Garde

    Hungarians look good.

  2. Agreed on both counts. Your Leib-Grenadier Gardes are stunning.

    Best Regards,


  3. Allan, Stokes

    Thanks - I'm glad you like them.