Saturday, 12 July 2014

Do you want to Accessorise?

Thanks for all the recent feedback.

I had a chat with the sculptor and we agreed we should get some cavalry released as soon as possible to add some more varaiety. The Hungarian infantry (3 moulds) are almost done, so they will be next out, then a cuirassier, followed by the Russian infantry, then on to more cavalry, artillery and light troops.

We also wondered about releasing an 'Accessories' mould, to allow more customisation - it has always been the plan to allow as much mixing and matching as possible. Unfortunately we are finding it difficult to fit the 'extras' into the moulds, especially now there are the separate march attack arms.

I thought I would start a wish list of what to put in, with a bit of an explanation as to why. Most of these parts will also probably appear in other moulds, so I'm not sure how good an idea it is - it probably depends how much of the range someone is going to buy?

  1. Austrian grenadier head with side curls. This is sculpted (I used it on my grenadiers), but we could not fit this into either the Austrian or Hungarian moulds. It might be useful for anyone who wants to make Austrian grenadiers without buying any Hungarian moulds - or to add onto the cavalry. (Will probably fit in the 'dragoon' mould.)
  2. Hat-less head (probably in the artillery moulds)
  3. Bandaged head (probably in the artillery moulds)
  4. Head with mirliton, to allow the Hungarians to be converted into Prussian frei korps etc.  (Probably in hussar and Grenz moulds)
  5. Head with jager cap to convert Austrian & Prussian infantry (will be one in light troops mould)
  6. Cuffed hand for Prussian officer - pointing
  7. Cuffed hand for Prussian officer - with cane
  8. Cuffed hand for Prussian officer - with pistol
  9. Hand for NCOs (and Hungarian officers) - with musket for grenadier command (will be in Russians)
  10. Hand for NCO - with Austrian NCO halberd (will be in Hungarians) 
  11. A finial and if possible chords, for the standard pole.
  12. A bare musket (suggested by Ross)
  13. A bare sword (suggested by Ross)
  14. A wounded soldier (suggested by Stokes - possibly too much space - we will see)
  15. Open hands for use in conversions (suggested by Ross)
  16. Austrian Pioneer heads (suggested by Rahway)
Do you think the mould worthwhile - would you buy it?

Let me know which on the list you would like (in number order), and feel free to add to the list - if you can think of something that would be useful for say Imperial troops let me know and I will include it.


  1. The 1st thing that comes to mind is a musket. No hands, justa bare musket for converters and customizers. If doing conversions it is easy enough to remove a musket and patch the scars but hard to save and restore a musket that is cut away. They could be used to make a stack of muskets in camp, as battlefield debris,as a slung musket on a figure converted for a vignette or on an artilleryman. Etc

    The bare heads and spare hands would also be good. Any extra heads,swords or bits that would fit could fill it out.

    1. Ross

      Good ideas - I will add a bare musket and sword to the list.

      When you say 'spare hands', what exactly do you mean?


    2. A bit too cryptic again. I meant the ones you mentioned but now I think of it, an open hand would be excellent. Open so that something could be glued into it.

  2. This is a fantastic idea! It's a bit big to squeeze in with everything else, but perhaps a wounded soldier without headgear, seated on the ground, clutching a knee or upper arm? Just a thought.

    Best Regards,


    1. The wounded soldier is an idea, but I think it would take up a lot of space and for now I was wanting to cram a lot in to enable a lot more conversions to the able bodied in the ranks.

      If the range sells then PA will produce other items, perhaps a camp set or something like that.

      Keep the ideas coming.


  3. I have begun working with the recently released molds and have posted comments on the June 26 blog topic devoted to those molds.

    One function that a special purpose mold could serv is to provide items not found in the main product line. For example, the casquet worn by Austiran pioneers and sappeurs. Another example would be the odd cross between a bearskin and Prussian fusilier cap worn by the Kleist light dragoons.

    The alternative hands would lend variety to the armies. I don't think that I would use the bandaged head, but the Austrian grenadier with side curls would be valuable..

    The musket with bayonet would be a good idea. There is a musket without bayonet in PA913. A sword and Partizan are in PA912.

  4. Of the above list, these are the ones that I would like to see in an "Accessories" mold. I would buy it!
    1. Austrian grenadier head with side curls.
    2. Head with mirliton,
    3. Cuffed hand for Prussian officer - pointing
    4. Cuffed hand for Prussian officer - with cane
    5. A finial and if possible chords, for the standard pole.
    6. A bare musket
    7. A bare sword

    Jay Stribling

    1. Jay

      Thanks for response, is there anything you would like to add to the list?


  5. I just want to say that this is a terrific process where you involve the end consumer in the decision making. I bought the initial releases, and plan to buy all the molds as they come out.

    1. Thanks, trying to produce something for the casting and wargaming market is tricky, so feedback is very helpful.

  6. It looks like someone may have a use for band instruments: