Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Austrian Fusiliers (+ mould listing)

Provisional 'Line Infantry' mould listing

I had a chat with PA's sculptor yesterday and we agreed the following eleven moulds will cover the 'line infantry' of the Prussians, Austrians, Hungarians and Russians.

Prussian (command reused where possible)

3101 – Prussian officer and standard bearer (NCO) - already available
3102 – Prussian drummer (musketeer & grenadier) and NCO - already available
3103 – Prussian infantry advancing (grenadier & musketeer) - already available
3104 – Prussian infantry march-attack (guard & fusilier) and fusilier drummer - due out April/May

Austrian (German)

3105 - Austrian fusiliers, advancing & march-attack - due out April/May
(For command reuse 3101 & 3102 with new heads from 3105; for Austrian grenadiers see below.)


3106 – Hungarian officer and standard bearer (dressed as officer)
3107 – Hungarian drummer and NCO
3108 – Hungarian Infantry (fusiliers & grenadiers) advancing & march-attack


Line infantry in summer uniform (waist coats):
3109 – Russian line musketeer/grenadier (summer uniform), advancing & march-attack
3110 – Russian line musketeers/grenadier (summer uniform) NCO and drummer
(For officer and standard bearer reuse 3101 with new heads from above, these ranks would probably retain there coats even in summer)

3111 – Possibly Russian Observation Corps - not yet finalised.

A bit more on the Austrians

The troops from in the German (called Austrian from now on) and Hungarian regiments were very different. The Hungarians will have a set of three moulds to cover most options, however Austrian units can be quite well covered using the Prussian moulds.

There are three main differences between the Prussian musketeer and the Austrian fusilier. Firstly the Austrian tricorn is more pointed at the front, secondly the Austrians had a single haversack, whereas the Prussians also carried a bread bag, and thirdly the Austrian fusilier rank and file did not carry a sword.

New heads are certainly needed, we thought about doing a mould with just heads, but decided to reuse the Prussian command moulds 3101 & 3102, but add a new one with the new fusilier and officer heads, plus two rank & file bodies (in the same poses as Prussians so they all match).

3105 - Austrian fusiliers

This new mould will contain:

  • Private advancing
  • Private marching
  • 2 x Fusilier private head – tricorn, with moustache
  • Fusilier officer head – tricorn, no moustache

There is a bit of work needed, the pole arm needs converting by cutting off the side bars (there will be a 'halberd' type in with the Hungarians), and the hoops need filing off the 3102 drummers arms (the new drummer in 3104 for the Prussian fusiliers will not have hoops on the arms).

Below is a unit in the advancing pose made up from (pre-production moulds) 3101, 3102 & 3105, painted early war so I could give then coloured turn backs.

Austrian fusiliers, modified NCO pole arm and drummer with no hoops on arm.
(flag is from Maverick Models)

Austrian fusiliers have single haversack and no sword

Austrian grenadiers

We did a bit of head scratching here, in the end we decided that Austrian grenadiers did not really justify a separate mould - I know that sounds a bit harsh!

It is worth remembering that the aim of this range is to cover most of the major types, and allow others to be made up with a little bit of mixing and matching, and perhaps some conversion work - and these are a good example of both.

The grenadiers most distinctive item is the bearskin; however as Austrian grenadiers are mostly shown with their hair in plaits, so it is fine to use the heads from the Hungarian moulds (when they are released).

Also the grenadiers should have a sword scabbard showing, but again not thought worth another mould, so the options are:
 - Convert the fusilier and stick a scabbard on?
 - Use one of the Prussians which have swords, but the extra bread bag?
 - Forget the sword - it is after all a black scabbard on a black gaiter?
I took the first option and added one out of card, which was pretty easy - I hope they stay on!

Below is the unit made up as suggested, it also shows the march attack pose which will make up the second 'fusilier' body in 3105.

Austrian grenadier with  'fusilier' body, Hungarians head and added scabbard 

As usual feedback on the proposed mould range and figure selection would be appreciated.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

First Three Prussian Infantry Moulds

Prussian Infantry Moulds 3101, 3102 & 3103

The first three moulds have now been released. Although packaged as Prussians, it is intended that many of the parts can be used with future releases to make troops of other nations. I don't propose to 'review' these, as I have had a lot of input into their design (I can't sculpt, just ideas and sketches) - I will leave that to others.

I have downloaded the parts diagrams from Prince August's website and included a description of what is in there. Where I have inserted a nationality against a part I have used the following 'coding':
- Prussian - means it is intended primarily for that nation.
- (Prussian) - means that the part is intended for use in other nations.

PA3101 illustration guide to parts.

3101 - Prussian Officer & Musketeer Standard Bearer

The parts in this are:
3101/1 - Officer (Prussian) body.
3101/2 - Sword.
3101/3 - Prussian officer head, tricorn, no moustache.
3101/4 - NCO (Prussian) to carry standard.*
3101/5 - Prussian musketeer head, tricorn & moustache.

* The standard bearer needs to have the hands drilled out to accept wire flag staffs. (This was done to allow the correct size flags to be fixed - the poles on the Karoliners are only big enough for a flag designed for a 28mm figure.)

3102 illustration of parts in the mould

3102 - Prussian Grenadier Drummer and Fusilier NCO

The parts in this are:
3102/1 -  NCO (Prussian) body.
3102/2 - Prussian pole arm.
3102/3 - Prussian fusilier head, mitre & moustache.
3102/4 - (Prussian) drummer.
3102/5 - (Prussian) grenadier head, mitre & moustache.

3103 illustration parts in mould

3103 - Prussian  Musketeer & Grenadier 

The parts in this are:
3103/1 - (Prussian) rank & file body.
3103/2 - (Prussian) grenadier head, mitre & moustache.
3103/3 - Prussian musketeer head, tricorn & moustache
3103/4 - (Prussian) rank & file body.
3103/5 - (Prussian) grenadier head, mitre & moustache*
3103/6 - Prussian musketeer head, tricorn & moustache

* I have to confess to there having been a bit of a lost opportunity on this mould. It would have been better if there was only one grenadier head in the mould - the other could then have been a fusilier, this was not picked up until too late. There will shortly be another mould 3104 (I think) with fusilier heads, so it might be worth leaving them a while - unless you want a lot of NCOs.

Finished Units

I use my existing 40mm troops in 16 man units playing with 'Field of Battle' (Piquet), or 'Maurice' rulesets, which are both very good. I have cast up and painted a unit each of musketeers, grenadiers and fusiliers to show what can be achieved with just these 3 initial moulds.

Prussian Musketeers

Prussian Grenadiers
 (Actually 3rd battalion IR No 15 as I wanted to give them a flag!)


Prussian Fusiliers

3104 (Probably) - Prussian  Fusiliers & Guard (not yet released)  

This additional Prussian mould will probably be added to fill some holes in the range:

  • Add some more fusilier heads
  • Provide a drummer with no hoops on arms (will also be used for Austrians & Russians)
  • Provide a march attach figure, a pose only recently developed and seems popular.
Guard - just heads
  • An officers head with the fancy lace & no moustache
  • A rank and file head with fancy lace and moustache
Below are some photos of the 'greens.' 

New march attack with guard head
3101 Officer with new guard head

As usual feedback would be appreciated.