Thursday, 8 December 2022

Hussar Size Comparison

In response to Ross's request, Peter Michael Prow has cast some figures (I still don't have the moulds) and photographed with the older Rossbach French Hussars (note there are no right arms on the new figures). The photos are on the PA Facebook Page - I have pinched them:

The Rossbach figures are the two bottom left. I have cast up a couple of units of the older figures, but personally I do not like the poses so only painted up one of them.

The new figures are more to my taste, and with the variation in horses and arms should make up some nice units.

And close ups with the two horse and head types (I think the officer horse might be different again).

And finally one with the Grenzer head.

If you have any questions please raise them in the comments and hopefully Peter will respond.


  1. Hi Steve. Thank you for the informations. The husars look indeed stunning. I have already bought them. Question about the trousers of the husars. The figures of the French are different than of the new husars, who wear a kind of short trousers over the "normal" trousers - maybe to protect the trousers while riding. I see on pictures that French and Prussian husars wear the shorts, while Austrian/Hungarian and Russian do not wear them. Are these short trousers an elementar part of the uniform of a nation or did all husars have them and not always put them on for horse riding? Stefan, Switzerland (sorry for anonymous - last time, I was able to put my name in, this time I could not)

  2. Stefan
    Sorry I missed your comment.
    I have just looked at Kronoskaf, what the Prussian hussars are wearing are trousers, with 'over trousers' on the lower legs to protect them, giving the impression of shorts.
    As you say the Austrians do not seem to have worn the over trousers.