Saturday, 2 January 2021


Best Wishes to everyone for the New Year.

Sorry I've not written anything for a while, my gaming interests have been elsewhere.

With lock down I have not had much chance to play with my toy soldiers, however I have done a lot of on-line gaming. A group of us have been playing Commands and Colors Napoleonics, using the VASSAL platform for the game and DISCORD for the chat. If any of you are feeling a need to get some interactive gaming done I can highly recommend this combination, as to play requires constant discussion/interaction between players, so almost as good as a face to face game.

Plans for the SYW Range

I have recently had a chat with Chris Tubb, PA's sculptor, who assures me that PA are planning to continue/complete the SYW range, however as you can imagine the pandemic has made things difficult for them.

The good news is that I am in possession of 3D prints of some of the next releases, which will comprise a mounted general, grenz and other light troops, as discussed in previous posts these will have a variety of poses and heads so will cover most armies. Hopefully we should see these in production in the next couple of months.

Everyone take care - hopefully we will all be gaming again soon. 


  1. Hi Steve...
    A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you...
    Here’s to getting together and drinking beer, playing with toy soldiers and talking nonsense sooner rather than later...

    All the best. Aly

  2. Thankfully we got the technology first and the virus second!

    Good news on the light troops, I'm sure I can fit some in to my French Rev allied army.

    All the best for the new year!

  3. I just found your site ,great stuff. Good to hear about PA,s future plans.
    Always been a fan ,still love the fantasy range.

    1. Thanks. As you can see, both the blog and PA are a bit quiet at the moment. Hopefully thing wills pick up in the future so keep an eye on things.
      Have you tried any of the 40mm range?

  4. Any news on the range? It has been quite a while now. Thanks!

    1. PA are progressing slowly, however I am told that there are 4 new moulds at the works and ready for production:
      - A mounted general
      - Grenz standing and kneeling firing (grenz & pandour heads)
      - Light infantry (Prussian and jager heads)
      - Dismounted general & hornist.

      I should be getting a set when they are available.