Sunday, 27 January 2019

More head swapping

I've been playing again................

Following on from the previous post. The charging French dragoons were originally painted as a large 'old school' unit - so there are quite a lot of them. (Enough for 3 of my smaller 8 man units if I paint up two more standard bearers and musicians)

Having done the first unit with a straight swap of heads with tricorn I decided to be a bit more adventurous. and make a unit in forage cap.  I used the 'bonnet de police' from the SYW French infantry - again it fits quite well and looks fine size wise.

I have to admit that this combination of the Karoliner charging cavalry and the new SYW heads is really growing in me, and I might cast up some more?

Interestingly, when I started this project all I asked PA to produce were some more heads!


  1. I've been planning to try this along with some bearskins.

  2. A unit of French cavalry in bearskin was going to be my next project with these - if I get around to it as they need casting!

    In my opinion these conversions look fine for troops with the sword belts on the outside - which seems to have been done by the French and Russians.

    I think the Prussians and Austrians generally had the belts under the coat. I intend to use the new figures for those, they are currently being modeled.


  3. It never occurred to me to swop heads on those guys, but it is effective and looks great!

    1. Thanks - the swap is pretty easy as the old heads can be cut off quite cleanly.