Friday, 22 April 2016

French Infantry - Drummer and NCO

Attached are the two latest digital sculpts for the French.


There is a drummer, without turn backs.


Also there has been a change of plan since the last blog - it has been decided to add an 'early war' NCO. This figure should be more useful than another standard bearer (the Prussian or Russian will do fine), as he can be used for the War of Austrian Succession. Currently he is shown with the sword option, but will also carry a pole arm.

He should also make an alternative officer who has chosen to wear the belt outside on campaign.

PA are stating on their blog that they will be releasing the digitally sculpted Mithril Miniatures in the next few months, so hopefully I should get some sample SYW moulds soon!

As always comments welcome.


  1. Than you for the update. It is good to see things are moving along.

    Wouldn't be appropriate for the French to have a shorter Queue? That would also broaden the choice of available heads in the product line.

    I like the big coat on the NCO. I would raise the sword off the ground though.

  2. 2 very nice figures that I'll put on my list, I would second Rahway's suggestion that the queues should be shorter. I went back and checked the French infantry and realized that we didn't see the queues on those so presumably they are also long and should be shortened & loosened if its not too late.

  3. Rahway, Ross

    As always, thanks for your comments, particularly on the French - as it is not an army I know a lot about.

    The length of the queue is not as obvious on the other figures, as it is hidden below the pack (see older post), however I agree it might be better loosened up a bit.

    I have sent both of your comments to Chris, and suggested he shorten and loosen the queue - I am not sure if the files have gone to print yet - or if he can manually work on the 3D print.


    1. Rahway, Ross

      I have been in touch with Chris, and he will make the changes.

      Also, I think I misunderstood the plans, it looks like there will be 4 moulds/8 figures, so there will be an officer (the one in blog above), and also an NCO and Standard bearer, so the French get a full set of moulds. I hope this is not getting too much?

      Apart from the British I think that is the close order infantry sorted.

    2. A full set for the French is fine. Especially if it allows room for all the head types that have been requested for them.

  4. These are looking Brilliant, and am keen on putting paint to them. I do wonder at the straight arm of the officer and how it will read in the unit. is it pose-able a bit so you can move it up or down? Cheers!

    1. I'm also keen to see some new figures 0 it seems a long while since the Russians came out.

      I'm told I might get a test mould for the first digital print later this week - When I get one cast I will take a photo next to a hand sculpt to see how they compare.

      Personally I think the arm looks OK, look at the Russians from Feb & March last year.


  5. Very nice !! i hope they will arrive quickly !!
    is there a "bonnet de police" head in one or other moulds ?


    1. Paco

      I have asked that one be included, but have not yet seen the final list of mould contents.

      Is the bonnet de police the same as the that worn by the dragoons, if so a few questions:

      - Should it fall to left or right, or was it up to the individual (does it need two heads)?

      - I have images from the front, do you have any from the back?


    2. Hello steve!

      i look at several sources (serious sources!!) and i diddn't find anything on bonnet depolice ! just a left hand bonnet and a right hand one both by Lelievre .....i assume the back should have been like the front...

      thank you for your attention !!!
      best regards