Friday, 11 March 2016

French Infantry Update

Chris has recently sent me a set of screen shots of the digital SYW infantry, which are now looking good. (I've asked for some rear shots).

I don't profess to be an expert on French infantry, so comments would be appreciated if there is anything needs changing (although I think they are at the 'printers', so only really anything major.)

Planned six figures

The plan is currently for 6 figures:

Mould 1 - Two infantry with turnbacks, one at march attack and the other advancing:

Mould 2 - similar figures without turnbacks - which will be very useful for earlier periods:

Mould 3 - To go with them will be a drummer without turnbacks, and an officer carrying a standard, again no turn backs.

There will be tricorn heads both with and without a moustache, and a bearskin head with moustache.

Officer and NCO?

Currently there is no plan for a mould with an officer and NCO, as:
  • For most of the war the NCOs were dressed as the infantry and carried a musket, so basic figure will be fine.
  • The officer looks to be the same as the Russian, with musket and cartouche box.


During the SYW the infantry generally had coats turned back, however does anyone know if this was this a regulation or fashion, for example:
  • Could the unit have a mix of troops with coats in the two styles?
  • Could perhaps just the NCOs have no turnbacks?
As always comments welcome.



  1. Initial reactions:

    1) They look the thing,
    2) I really like the separate sword, very useful item for conversions to various figures,
    3) I think existing officers will do fine.

    The French had a rep for looser discipline but I'm not sure if it stretched to individual choice on letting down turnbacks when properly formed, I would think it more likely by battalion but I don't know. Perhaps in a diorama of a route march?

    I confess a small part of me was still holding to a forlorn hope that the chap rushing forward with supported arms would be replaced by a more sedate figure marching at attention at the shoulder even though I know that bird has flown.

    Bottom line, I am looking forward to buying both of these as they will fit so much better with both my existing troops and my historical interests in the New World.

  2. Ross

    We tried a different, more upright marching pose with the Russians in winter uniform, but it did not work all that well on two counts:
    - The more upright pose did not mix with the leaning forward command figures.
    - The actual pose did not look natural.
    So I asked that we revert back to the leaning forward march attack - which does look good!

    Ive not seen any of these yet in the flesh, hopefully I will get some test moulds in the next week or so, ironing out problems with the 3D printing is taking time.


    1. Yes unfortunately the position of the legs is the root of the problem, if I'd thought of it Createc does it right:
      SYW Prussian marching.
      but it really doesn't matter, its an attractive pose right or wrong and they look like what wargamers are used to.

  3. Very nice; will make a fine addition to the range

  4. They’re looking good Steve!

    The decision to do infantry figures both with and without turnbacks should keep everyone (including myself) happy and extend the period for which they can be used back to the earlier part of Louis XV’s reign. As you say, by the SYW turnbacks seem to have been the norm and this would have included NCOs. (A modern illustration I've seen showing SYW French infantry marching through a Canadian winter without turnbacks suggests that they might have unhooked the turnbacks in cold weather).

    IMHO the six figure types you’ve chosen is very sound and will give you all you need to build up a basic battalion.

    The separate swords are great too. Have you thought about putting a sabre in one of the moulds? The head with a moustache or a bearskin + a sabre would be all you’d need for a grenadier. Just an idea.

  5. It will be interesting to see how difficult it will be to cast that sword.