Saturday, 28 June 2014

New PA Catalogue & SYW Plans

Prince August are about to issue their new catalogue, which you can find on the link below:

There is a lot of emphasis on the SYW range, which I think shows a high level of commitment to getting the range finished.

PA are also showing that they are genuinely trying to produce a flexible modular range of figures suitable for use by both wargamers and their traditional casters. The wargaming text is really aimed at beginners. It is based on something I wrote for them many months ago, some errors have crept in which I did not get chance to 'cut off at the pass' (I only really have contact with the sculptor), but I think they are on the right track.

The wargaming shots are mine, unfortunately there is not a lot can be done with just 8 small units of infantry (which is all I have painted), and no artillery, cavalry, light troops or staff officers, which are not yet released - but I do think they will come in the near future. (The figures do actually mix in quite well with the Karoloners, however PA only wanted the new figures in the photos, so just infantry).

To show how the two ranges compare, below is a shot of a game with the new SYW and Karoliners together. The SYW in the centre are crisper, more detailed, and a little larger (but I am using pre-production moulds which do cast a bit bigger), but probably no more so than the Karoliner marching grenadiers. We have no problem using them together, however having said that I think it in future I will only cast Karoliners if a SYW is not available.

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  1. A few hours after my comment on the previous post I received the daily World Cup newsletter. It started with an announcement for the new SYW molds.

    The DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of the catalog images seems to lead to a casting tutorial rather than a PDF for download.

    The pictures seem to show that the Austrians have a bigger cuff, with three buttons, which I like since it makes them more distinctly Austrian.

    I would not worry about a slight size difference with the older range. The new figures are slightly taller than the Wild Geese/Karoliners who are marching and advancing with their chins down, for example PAI903, but the older HE figures, for example PA29, are even taller and that doesn't seem to have bothered many casters. The standing Karoliners, for example PAS905, are the same size as the new SYW troops. The important goal will be to maintain consistency within the new range.

    The most noticeable difference to a casual observer might be that the old figures have a narrow, hollow tricorne. The new hats are an improvement.

  2. I've been in touch with the webmaster at PA, evidently 'download' means link. There is currently no facility to download the catalogue, but they might sort something later.


  3. Hi,What rules do you use to play with 40 mm?

    1. Maurizio

      For our games we usually use ether 'Maurice' or 'Field of Battle'. both of which are from the US - they both use small units, are part card driven, and give an enjoyable game. There is a bit more information in the PA catalogue on page 6:

      However they can be used with any rules, the frontages are similar to 28mm full round figures.

      I have a game planned next week, I will see if I can take some photos and add some more information.