Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Another look at the Hungarians

Hungarian Officer

First of all another look at the Hungarian officer; the coat lace has now been corrected and more added to the cuffs.

With the tricorn he can command fusiliers, the right hand can accept different weapons so could have the sword as shown, or a pole arm. Also as with all the figures in the range the figure has a separate head, so for the grenadiers he could wear a bearskin and carry the sword or musket.

Hungarian NCO

In the Hungarians there will also be a new pose for the NCO figure, this has been made more animated than the Prussian offering. The left hand is raised to encourage (push) the troops forward, as with the officer, he could wear a bearskin and carry a musket to help command the grenadiers.

Some Eye Candy - Next Releases 3104 & 3105

Here is a photo of some of the forthcoming releases painted by Richard Hattersley (I avoid showing his figures as he puts me to shame).

From left to right:
  • The new Prussian march attack figure with the new guard head (3104)
  • The Prussian officer (3101) with the new guard officer head (3104)
  • The new Austrian march attack figure (3105 - BUT note that the grenadier head is from the later Hungarians as there is not enough space in the Austrian mould, also the sword scabbard is added)
  • The Prussian NCO (3102) with the new Austrian fusilier head (3105). The bags on the Prussian are not correct for the Austrian, but not it is considered worth another mould for this minor problem - possibly paint the lower bag brown to match the haversack on the rank and file.
  • The new Austrian advancing fusilier (3105),
  • Another grenadier (Richard likes guards, grenadiers............ and artillery!)
  • The new Austrian march attack fusilier (3105)
As always comments are welcome............


  1. Everything looks to be coming along well. Do you have a photo of the musket hand for the command figures?

    Has PA dropped any hints as to when they will be taking orders for the next releases?

  2. I don't think the musket hand is done yet - I will ask. The musket might not be available until the Russians, as there is very little space in the next few moulds.

    The two next moulds should be out in the a couple of weeks:
    - 3104 - Prussian march-attack and drummer without lace, heads for fusilier and guard.
    - 3105 - Austrian advancing and march-attack heads for fusilier & officer.

  3. Nice new officer figures. Freat news about the new moulds too

    -- Allan