Sunday, 27 April 2014

More Austrian fusiliers

Austrian Infantry

I am told the Austrian infantry mould is at the factory, but do not have a release date yet - some time in May I think.

Austrian fusiliers at march attach

A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo of a battalion of Austrian fusiliers advancing, these were made from moulds 3101, 3102 & 3105. I've now done a couple of battalions in the march attack pose, which uses the same three moulds (again a bit of work on the drummer and NCO's pole arm).

I chose IR 22, as I thought these fought alongside the Russians at Kunersdorf (well that's what it says in Pengel & Hurt), and decided to paint them early war so I could give them coloured turn backs; when I was almost finished I discovered they should also have blue vest and trousers - I had done them white !?%*&!!! This gave me two problems, most obviously they needed some more work on them, but also they now look like Hungarians - never mind, I'll have to find a Hungarian regiment with red trousers!

And now I find out they were not even at Kunersdorf and P&H sold me a dummy - never mind they look nice!

I decided to take the plunge and paint up two battalions (this is how my Karoliners are organised); the photo below has the two 16 man battalions on their movement trays and ready for action in 'Maurice' or 'Field of Battle' or some other newfangled set of rules.

When I paint two battalions, I always give them a single flag each, one the Leibfahne, and the other the Regimentsfahne, this means that the two battalions can be combined into a larger 32 man 'Old School' unit, as shown below. 

Having painted these up, I think this march attack pose is fine, and we've decided to stick with it for the Hungarians and Russians.

Prussian fusiliers

I've also painted the second battalion to the Prussian fusiliers, so here they are with their chums ready for an 'Old School' outing.

Which pose do you prefer??

I'm interested to know whether you prefer the advancing or march-attack pose


  1. Hi Steve

    It's the March Attack one that I like, it just seems so right for the period.



  2. Good job with the painting. I do like the look of the new pose but will wait until I cast some up before making a decision on preference.

    Wasn't IR 23 (Baden-Baden) the unit that held the line against the Prussians at Kunersdorf?

    1. Let me know about the pose when you've cast some, it comes in 3 parts with a separate musket, arm & cuff (the hand is on the figure), so is a bit more work.

      You are right IR 22 were not at Kunersdorf - I will change it.......Pengel & Hurt state they were there no one!

  3. Love the Austrians. The fusiliers look great. I have a preference for the march attack pose

    -- Allan

  4. Of the 2 I like the pose where the soldier is handling his musket, looks like he is about to level the musket and fire, which is what a Lace Wars soldier is all about, or about to do the rare thing and charge or to return his musket to the shoulder position prior to advancing..

    To me the carry or support position is a marching to the battle field position vs say a shoulder arms position which is an advance on the enemy ready for action pose. That said it looks well en masse and I will doubtless field both positions.

  5. Looking great Steve.

    I'll see if I can make them last longer in our next game.

    1. I've painted some more to give you a chance!

  6. Good to see a manufacturer producing a Prussian fusilier where the front plate of his cap looks the right height.


  7. Wonderful figures again, all the way around, but I prefer the march-attack pose.

    Best Regards,


  8. I prefer the march attack pose but one where the soldier is more upright without the rear foot being turned out e.g. like the rsm95 march attack figures. What I would like to ask is whether anyone has tried using resin with PA moulds? I have a heap of 54mm Prussians but weight is a problem.

    1. After a few chats with the sculptor we have decided to stay with the marching pose as it is. This will maintain uniformity through the 'close order' infantry, so figures can be switched between units and keep them in step. The figures look fine ranked up, and the pose will continue the 'look' of the older Karoliner and HE ranges.

      I have no idea about casting in resin, if anyone else has tried it let us know how you got on.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks - I am glad you like them.

      (Sorry about delay it is difficult to see comments on old posts.)