Sunday 24 December 2023

Christmas Greetings

Firstly - I hope Santa and his helpers bring you all the toys on your wish list, and that during the coming year you have the time to paint and play with them.

Secondly - sorry for the lack of posts on the blog over recent months, my wargaming interests have been elsewhere, and also PA seem to have gone quiet with regards to future releases in the SYW range. My intention is to keep this blog dedicated to the 40mm toys, however just to fill a bit of space I will give bit of an update on what I have been doing instead..............

28mm Thirty Years War

I've spent much of the last 6 months painting and playing with my new 28mm Thirty Years War armies. When I retired (a couple of years ago), I received a pile of lead as a leaving gift, which I have  finally got around to painting. 

The figures are mostly from the Old Glory's excellent renaissance ranges, well worth considering if you are planning that building armies in that period, Many of the figures are from their ECW range as dress was pretty similar both in Britain and in Central Europe, the only real issue is that a lot of the ECW cavalry castings have triple bar lobster helmets, these were not common on the continent, so I have replaced them with continental types, using separately purchased  heads from Redoubt Miniatures. Note that the Old Glory figures are towards the smaller end of the 28mm offerings, they probably fit with Foundry and First Corps.

For rules we have been using the Liber Militum 'Tercios' rules, which give a fun game - again worth considering if you want to play that period.

3D Printing

The other distraction is that I now have a resin printer to add to the filament printer I've had for some time. My main reason for originally going for a 3D printers is, that many of my figure collections are of older rangers, which are often smaller than more modern offerings which simply do not fit in with them.

For example, I have a large collection of 20mm WW2 tanks and AFVs, some of which I have had for over 40 years. At the time I started the collection the only vehicles readily available were from Airfix and Matchbox, which are 1/76 scale, these I later supplemented with Fujimi/Nitto again 1/76. There are now lots more vehicles available from the likes of PSC, Armourfast, Zvezda etc, however these are mostly 1/72, and I simply cannot live with the size difference. 1/76 vehicles are available in resin, but often at a very high price.

With the ability print my own vehicles I can now print pretty much any vehicle I like, and scale it to 1/76 to fit in with my old collection. The filament printer produced some nice models, but simply cannot handle shallow sloping surfaces which come out very distinctly stepped. The resin printer does a much better job of it, I initially put off buying a resin printer due to the need to wash prints in alcohol, however there are now some better water washable resins on the market so I have taken the plunge.

Prince August have now gone over to digital sculpting, the first digital figures in the SYW range being with the French. Their business model is selling moulds, however I do wonder if they could release the files to some of the parts which are difficult to cast??????????

Anyway, enough rambling - have a good Christmas and best wishes for the New Year,


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours! The OG figures look very nice indeed, they have some cracking figures that have stood the test of time.

    1. Personally I think that OG renaissance figures are underrated range - however you have to sort out the ranges, as some of them are much better than others.

  2. A Merry Christmas to you Steve…
    I have to admit that I have not been much of a Pike and Shot fan…
    But I do find the Thirty Years War a fascinating period… And there are some nice toys out there…

    All the best. Aly

  3. A Merry Christmas to you and yours, Tony

  4. I'm pledged to myself that I will reduce my collections of figures again in '24 so I'm determined to to NOT buy a 3d printer! ....will not, will not....

    1. I find the problem with both casting and 3D printing is that it's much more fun to make the figures than it is to paint them.