Sunday, 5 January 2020

More Austrian & Prussian cavalry

Happy New Year to everyone!

Over the festive break I have managed to finish off a few units which have been sitting on the painting table for some months  (they kept being put back as I indulge in my current fads). Excuse the photo quality, they are just taken on an old compact camera under a desk lamp.

Austrian Horse Grenadiers

This is my take on the grenadiers from DR#2 Liechtenstein, as usual I have simplified detail, as I prefer to have them 'neat' rather than 'accurate' (I can't do both), the flag is as usual from Maverick Models.

The horse grenadiers are based on the recent dragoon mould, but with a few modifications:
  • The sword arm has been replaced by that from the cuirassiers, as I really do feel this is a better pose - it is a bit oversize but I think looks fine.
  • The head is from the earlier infantry moulds, as the the castings I get from the dragoon mould seem very small/flat (I have suggested to PA that they remake the head mould).
  • Horse grenadier squadrons had trumpeters rather than the drummers in the rest of the dragoons. I made one using the dragoon officer with the cuirassier trumpeter's arm, it took a bit of filing/bending, and again is a bit big - but I think looks fine.
  • To finish off, I added sword hilts to the empty scabbards on the trumpeter and standard bearer (from from the French infantry).

This swapping of parts is what I always wanted for this range, although there are some issues with fit and sizing I must admit I enjoy using the various parts to come up with as close an approximation as I can to the units I want.

Prussian Dragoons

I have also painted up Prussian DR#5, again with a simplified paint job.

I could not resist making a few of modifications:
  • The sword arm is again from the cuirassier.
  • The heads are all 'Prussian officers' from the infantry moulds, as again I wanted heads which were 'fuller' than those in the dragoon mould.
  • A sword hilt was added to the drummer, as it is missing on the casting.

Austrian Cuirassiers

Although the recent PA cuirassiers are very nice figures they really are too big, and having used them on the table a few times I simply cannot live withe the size difference relative to the rest of the army (I'm an engineer).  I have sugegsted to PA that they reprint the cavalry (possibly with torso/horse combined) at the correct scale, however in the meantime I have decided to cast and paint up some cuirassiers based on the Karoliners, with a head 'upgrade' using the Russian Infantry officer's head.

As always comments welcome?


  1. Agreed! The very best example of shiny toy soldiers.

    Best Regards,


  2. Elegant and splendid units of cavalry!

  3. The mixing and matching has worked well. The size variation is rather annoying but not new (look at the variation in the Rosbach range) and one can get used to it.

    These almost makes me wish I had an interest amassing bigger continental armies in the period!

    1. I can put up with a little variation in size, but I find that as I am trying for 'toy soldier' look that I want everything neat and 'just so'.

      I would love to have them produce some British and Highlanders, however progress is slow, and I think it best to sort the Central/Eastern European conflict first.

  4. Thanks for all your kind comments - I do find simple and shiny works with these.