Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Yet More Austrian Cuirassiers

Richard Hattersley has now painted the figures to be photographed for the front of the packaging - these are imposing chaps.

He has chosen regiment De Ville, which I was surprised to see had natural leather belts, which makes an interesting change (

Hopefully they will be available soon?

As always comments welcome.


  1. Delightful figures. How would you suggest someone new to these figures begin?

  2. By begin, I mean get into the PA lace Wars casting.

    1. Decide what armies you want to build and buy the minimum number of moulds.
      For example moulds 3101 - 3103 will allow units of (advancing) Prussian musketeers, grenadiers and fusiliers.

      If you want to add in the guard and march attack pose, add in 3104.

      For melting lead get the 'solder pot' (and a ladle), I bought one recently and it is much easier than using a kitchen stove.

      There is loads of helpful advice on casting on the PA website.

  3. Those Curassiers do look good.

    The PA 'solder pot' looks like a good bit of kit - will have to get one.

    1. Allan

      I've been using a solder pot a couple of months now and it is very useful. They are thermostat controlled, so you can switch it on and leave it.

      One thing though - you need quite a lot of metal in there to enable the ladle to be dipped in.