Sunday, 22 April 2018

Austrian Cuirassier - completed unit

Painted cuirassier

I have now completed my (the?) first unit of SYW cavalry, in doing so I made a couple of minor modifications relative to the figures as designed:
  • The reins have been extended to the hand (they are a bit short in the mould to allow the figures to slot in easily). 
  • I have added a sword hilt to the trumpeter and standard bearer, these were cut from a French infantryman's sword.
I painted the coats off-white (Vallejo Ivory Pearl White) - after my visit to the military museum in Vienna I am convinced that is what all of the white should be. It also looks better and also shows off the belting - I will probably try my next infantry the same way.

I have taken photos from 8 angles, so you should get a good idea what the new figures look like.

As with the older ranges, the horse is cast flat in the mould, however being multi part the torso is cast the opposite way, allowing detail on the cuirass.

The sword arm (and head) are also separate, allowing the arm to be well detailed.

The joint between the rider and horse is around the coat tails - but not really visible.

The fit between the arm and torso was a bit tricky and left a small gap, however it filled in fine with paint without the need for any filler.

There is also a separate carbine.

I think the figures look great, and are pretty much what I was hoping for. They are a bit more work than the older ranges, but in my opinion worth it.

Size comparison

As discussed in the previous post, these chaps are a bit on the large side. the horses are OK for a 16 hand cuirassier horse, but the riders are large (I think about 7%).

It only really shows up when the units are very close.

I am advised that the tooling work for the cuirassiers is underway at the factory, and PA have announced a planned release date in June.

The sculpting for the dragoons is also almost complete. I have asked if it is possible to 'plot' these about 7% smaller, this will bring the men into scale, and also reduce the horse from the 16 hands appropriate for the cuirassiers to 15 hands for the dragoons.

As always please let me have any comments/feedback, and I will pass them on to the sculptor to assist in deciding what to do with the next releases. (I will be away from my computer for the next week, so replies will be delayed).


  1. Big men on big horses. . . They look thunderously amazing!

    Best Regards,


  2. They look very good when assembled as a unit. Your paint work is very good as well.

    The infantry are leaning forward. If photographed with the "straight up" Russian marching infantry the size difference would probably be less perceptible.

    If PA intends that the horses be interchangeable I wonder if it would upset things to make smaller Dragoons?

    In any event these have been a long time in coming and I will look forward to June.

  3. Thanks for the positive comments.

    A lot of thought has gone into the design of these figures, and it is a relief to finally see them in the tin.

  4. They certainly do look good painted up.

    I may even finally paint up some of the big Rossbach French Hussars to go with them. They will certainly look more like heavy cavalry when close to the big new French infantry.

    Not that any infantry are keen on getting close to heavy cavalry.

  5. These are so very inspiring!