Friday, 26 August 2016

French Infantry Update..............again

Nothing very exiting, just the mould listing for the French infantry, which are sculpted and waiting for packaging design etc.

I have not seen the moulds yet, but they look OK from the images I have.

 Mould 3113 - Infantry in full coat - march attack and advancing

1.  March attack figure
2.  Arm & musket for march attach
3.  Fusilier head - tricorn
4.  Sword
5.  Grenadier head - bearskin
6.  Sword
7.  Advancing figure

(The casting has a groove in the coat to accept the sword, which is fine early war, and for those troops which carry a sword.
If you don't want a sword there might be a bit of work to fill the groove if it doesn't paint over).

Mould 3114  - Infantry in  with coat turned back - march attack and advancing 

1.  March attack figure
2.  Arm & musket for march attach
3.  Fusilier head - tricorn
4.  Bonnet-de-police head
5.  Sword
6.  Fusilier head - tricorn
7.  Sword
8.  Advancing figure

Mould 3115   Drummer and officer

1.  Drummer body
2.  Sword
3.  Fusilier head - tricorn
4.  Officer head  - tricorn
5.  Officer body
6. Grenadier head - bearskin

Mould 3116  Standard Bearer and NCO

1.  NCO body
2.  NCO partisan
3.  Officer bare head  - with curled wig
4.  Grenadier head - tricorn (moustache)
5.  Officer head - tricorn
6.  Standard  bearer  body
7.  Officer's sword

As I said, I haven't got my hands on any of these moulds yet, but they do exist and cast - so hopefully not too long now (have I said that before)! 


  1. Any sign of progress is good.Now if they just make it as far as the English next year, I"ll be happy and will be able to stsrt on Louisburg and Qu├ębec.

  2. Ross

    I have been speaking to Chris Tubb over the last few days, he is finishing off the Austrian Cuirassier in the next week or so, for which there will be officer, standard, trumpeter & trooper bodies, all using the same horse.

    We were discussing where to go next, I think it is important that the Prussians, Austrians & Russians are fleshed out a bit more, so I think some generic dragoons next.

    Producing some British hatmen & grenadiers could be relatively quick modifications of the French moulds, so I will suggest these be slipped in somewhere next year (I cannot promise anything, I only advise). Would these be enough or do you need highlanders - which are a bit more work?


  3. I think the cavalry are most important even if I don't really need any (though I'll buy and paint some).

    The hatmen and grenadiers are the thing, its the bloody cuffs mostly, plus the grenadier wings. If the British are thought to be in little demand perhaps a change from have 2 poses for each uniform. They could do a mould with 2 advancing figures one with grenadier wings.

    I've been resisting the urge to start paint converting some but I'll probably convert a unit of firing figures to keep me going while waiting for the French since they wouldn't be duplicated by newer figures anyway.

    I have my own chunky highlanders so I'm in no hurry but I can't help but think that Highlanders when they come will be popular and if a shield were included as an extra could be painted as well dressed Jacobites, especially if the marching pose was replaced by a highlander charging with broadsword like the Black Watch at Ticonderoga or Frasers at Quebec. However a charging officer could be converted for that or jacobites.

    But only after the cavalry and guns come out.

    1. Ross

      I think we would still stick with two poses, and make one of them a grenadier.

      Looking at the figires I think if they went on the march attack they would file off easier if not wanted - what do you think?


    2. The reason I suggested the march attach is that it has a separate arm/musket, so it should be easier to file off the unwanted wings.

  4. Having pondered this, I not sure if it would be easier to file the wing off the loose arm or the one on the bigger, easier to hold, body.

    I'm pretty sure I won't want to add wings to the other pose so I so the question for me is if I only have 1 unit of grenadiers do I want them storming forward or showing sterner discipline by advancing with supported arms? On the whole, I think I'd rather have the larger number of units advancing so I'll vote for marching grenadiers as well


  5. The French seem to be just around the corner. The cavalry will be the next big step. The "competition" is catching up:

  6. Fantastic,and wow-the size of those casting buttons! Really impressive.
    thanks for sharing the process.

  7. thank you for the news!!

    scots after 7IW cavalry would be a great idea !!!!

    best reards

  8. Paco

    Highlanders will be a long way off - what I was considering was to ask how long it would take to add in some basic British infantry.


  9. They look good. Dragoons, artillerists and guns would be ideal follow-on molds for the Prussians and Austrians. Let's try a keep a little focus before we spread out too far!