Monday, 30 March 2015

Russian grenadiers' first outing.

A couple of weeks ago I took a boot full of 40mm figures down the club for a game of Field of Battle (FoB). No particular battle, just line them up and show my opponent how to play the rules.

Unfortunately Martin had the most abysmal dice rolling I have seen for years, and my new Russian grenadiers bravely marched forward - and legged it - well that's their first battle jitters over (see his blog)!

I took a few photos, but I forgot to switch off the flash, so they were mostly rubbish, below is the only one taken without a flash.

I have just discovered (see comment 13 on previous post) that Martin took a few photos on his phone and put them on his blog:

Grenadiers on the run.
Grenadiers on the run - pinched from Martin's blog.

The infantry are all the new SYW range, the cavalry and artillery old Karoliners and HE.

I have a game of Maurice with them tomorrow, so must try and take some photos.


  1. Beautiful looking game - like the new moulds from PA and must get round to buying some , Tony