Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Russian Infantry - ready to go

Chris has now finished the changes to the figures, they look really good, I will not reload photos of them all, just some examples.

Winter Uniform - Grenadiers

The helmet has been changed to give a longer rear peak, and the coat improved by adding buttons, and pleats in the back to break up the plain area.

Guard Grenadiers

We thought it worth squeezing in a head (in one of the command moulds) for those of you who fancied some guards units, never used in the field, but they will look good in those imaginations!

Summer Uniform - Musketeers

And with the summer uniform a vent has been added to the back of the waistcoat. And the angle on the tricorn has been steepened a little.

As always comments welcome.


  1. These are superb little sculpts. to me they look much better from a pov of being lifelike humans than any of the 40mm syw castings currently available. Also better than any previous PA releases, which ssys alot. Chris, I salute you and admire your talent.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing them released. This range has been rolling out at a consistent, steady rate.