Tuesday 27 January 2015

Russian Infantry ........... almost there.

A belated Happy New Year to you all.

The Russian greens are now almost ready, a few changes changes are still needed, however I thought it worth sharing the photos (as I've not posted for over a month) :

  • The most obvious change needed is that the grenadier helmet needs the rear peak lengthening.
  • Cuff buttons to be added.
  • A vent needs adding in the back of the summer uniform waistcoat.

I should get the test moulds in the next couple of weeks and cast up some units (weather permitting), so production moulds not too far away?

As usual all figures have separate heads, so can be Russian musketeers or grenadiers, and can be mixed with the Prussians, Austrians and Hungarians.

3109 – Russian  officers in winter/parade uniform

These should also (with a bit of work) be useful for other nations, for example the officer will make a good grenadier officer for the Austrians,

Russian officer

The musket is replaceable so could carry pole arm or sword (there should be a sword in the mould).

Standard bearer (officer)

We made this an officer for some variation in the Austrians and Prussians. If an NCO is preferred use the Prussian with Russian head.

 3110 – Russian drummer and NCO in summer uniform

The Russians fought most of their battles in the summer without their coats on (officers still wore their coats), so two moulds have been dedicated to the summer uniform.


The musket is detachable, so can carry pole arm etc.


A drummer in summer uniform has been provided, for parade/winter uniform, use one of the Prussian drummers.

 3111 – Russian  musketeers/grenadiers in summer uniform


March attack

3112 – Russian  musketeers/grenadiers in winter/parade uniform

Advancing - with grenadier head

(The helmet needs the rear peak extending to shoulder. and also a pleat will be added to break up the plain area between the coat tails).

March Attack

This the march attack pose has been changed in this figure to be a more upright, slower pace (as with the advancing figure pleats will be added between the tails).

I think it is really good and possibly the best figure so far!

I think that Chris has done a good job on these, and they look as if they may be some of the best so far - but it depends how they cast! 

Next up Austrian cuirassiers - if we can figure out how to fit them together!

As usual comments welcome.


  1. They have turned out very well. The fellows in the coats can be used for other armies even if they are not appropriate for Russian troops in the field. Which molds will the Grenadier helmet be in?

    As to the cuirassier, I have been assuming that one piece would be the common parts (horse, horse furniture and rider's legs) and a second piece with the distinctive parts (arms and torso) would plug into the first, with the head and carbine being separate pieces.

    1. Rahway

      As always thanks for the comments.

      Provided there is space there should be grenadier heads in 3110, 3111 & 3112. We are also going to try and fit a guard grenadier head with plume in 3109.

      To be quite honest we are still trying to get the best fit for the cavalry, but the plan is in line with what you say with horse, torso and head.


  2. Oh dear, I'm going to come across as some sort of crank. Nice effort on the marching fellow but.... why is he flapping his arm about? and leaning forward? Probably too late and these clips aren't perfect but
    and Infantry drill 1745:

    However the other Russians look great. Still waiting for suitable casting weather to try out my Austrian mold.

  3. Ross

    Please just keep the comments coming, they are being listened to.

    I assume you are talking about the chap in summer uniform, who I agree has quite a lean - the one in winter uniform has been straightened up and I think is OK, and looks MUCH better?

    I will pass your comment and video clips to the sculptor, but as you say it is probably too late to change it.


    1. No I actually like the guy in summer uniform. With arms supported, wide stance and spread legs he looks like he's rushing forward, the rear rank of a charge. The last chap gets better as I look at him just too casual. Maybe on a spring morning stroll or on a route march marching at ease but stepping out.

      I'm picturing using the Russians as French or American Provincials in summer.

    2. Ross

      Are there any minor changes to the figure which would in your opinion look better - is it just straightening the right arm to hang near vertical?


    3. No, he still wouldn't have that stiff parade march look and anyway, I'm warming up to the idea of a casual march figure and have started thinking up uses already. Plus I suspect others will like it since swinging arms can be found in other SYW wargame figures.

    4. Ross

      As you probably know, the more upright pose was done as a result of previous comments/discussions on this forum where the forward lean was not liked, however as you say, perhaps it should have been a bit more formal.

      Personally I really like this figure, even if not quite right, I think it will look good on the table.

      Thanks for the useful discussion, comments like these are what we need to try and keep us on the ball. In this case, it looks as is there is no simple way to 'stiffen up' the figure, and he is good, so it is best left alone.


  4. Here are some flats with a similar pose except that the arm is pulled back and the right foot is forward:

    1. Yes, those are good, right hand steadying the cartridge pouch and body upright with the weight centered, not over either foot. Perhaps the British can have one when they come :)

  5. Thanks for all the feedback. Always useful. Have added buttons to cuffs and coats.

    Chris Tubb (Prince August designer)

  6. You are doing very good work with this range Chis. I am pleased to have the opportunity to contribute in a small way.